Cryo ROM Knee

Our cryo ROM knee features ROM hinges offering full flexion
and extension control with therapy.

Range of Motion Knee Brace & Cold Therapy

A full range of motion knee brace with the added benefits of cold therapy to decrease swelling, pain and increase recovery time. Indicated use following procedures such as ACI repair, total joint surgery, meniscal tears, patella realignment and during rehabilitation.

Get back to daily life
and recover faster.

How it Works

1. Freeze Gel

Place gels in freezer. When ready place one gel back into brace.

2. Place on Knee

Place brace on knee with set range of motion recommended.

3. Use pump

Use pneumatic pump to increase and decrease pressure for pain relief.


Designed for Comfort

Comfort fitting for either knee that comforms to your body.

Range of Motion

Full flexion and extension control with settings 0°, 15°, 30° and 90°.



Cold Therapy

2 gel pads provided to provide targeted cold therapy for reduced pain and swelling.

Pnuematic Pump

Handheld pump to increase and decrease pressure for added pain relief.