VascuTherm provides the total themal solution to
prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis


Industry Leading Thermal Compression Therapy

The VascuTherm provides the total solution to DVT patient management. When combined with thermo-electric cooling or heating temperature management and vascular compression, VascuTherm offers highly effective DVT prophylaxis that is an extremely safe and reliable post-operative therapy.

Pairing Cold Therapy and DVT
prevention for your recovery

How it Works

1. Prep Unit

Plug in power cord, fill ThermaFlow solution bottle and connect hoses.

2. Turn on device

Tap screen to turn unit on and select ” Start Therapy “

3. Place on Targeted Area

Use wraps to secure pad on affected body area. Length of use and frequency should be left to your physician.


Hot & Cold Thermal Therapy

Thermo-electric cooling (iceless) and heating temperature management.

DVT Prophylaxis Compression

More than just the standard compression, the device features DVT Prophylaxis intermittent compression.



Versatile Wraps

Conveniently use as one solution for all targeted post-op body areas.

Easy to use

Pre-programmed settings are available for patients to tap on device screen.